This is a white Italian wine grape grown primarily in the Piedmont region. It is most widely planted on the left bank of the Tanaro river in the Roero district near Alba, though some plantings exist on the right bank of the Tanaro in the Langhe hills. Recent DNA profiling shows that Favorita is related to the Liguria grapes Pigato and Vermentino, which may support the theory that the grape originated there. Since the late 20th century, plantings of Favorita have been on the decline as Chardonnay and Arneis have increased in popularity among producers on the right and left bank of the Tanaro respectively. Featuring larger berry sizes than most wine grapes, Favorita has been a popular table grape in Piedmont.

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Production area:Castagnito, in the Roero


Altitude: 350 mt.


Exposure: Ovest


Earthly: Clayey sandy


Vineyard: 100% Favorita

Processing: Soft crushing, cold maceration, fermentation at a controlled  temperature of 18-20°c, clarification, cold  stabilizing, sterile filtering for bottling.



Acidity:5,4 gr. / lt.

Sugar: 3 gr./lt.

Optimal age for consumption: 1-2 years 



Light straw-yellow, with delicate greenish highlights 

a dry wine, with a subtle nose conjuring up exotic fruit. 

        Serving temperature:                   8-10 ° C                  

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The larger body and a greater opening will allow a better perception of complex aromas of mature white wines. Structured and mature white wines will be emphasized in the mouth because of the straight opening which will direct the wine to the sides and rear of the tongue, on its way, finally, to the point and then assess, in a comprehensive manner, its softness.

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We recommend this wine with: Appetizers 
In conjunction with: Appetizers, Meats little spicy cheese feschi, Crustaceans



100gr. Fave decurticate fresh
half an onion
Extra salt and pepper to taste
1 potato


Parmesan cheese 59 gr.

1 egg

Fry the onion in julienne with extra V.
Add the beans and simmer until cooked with broth
Blend with immersion blender add salt and pepper and keep warm.
Boil the potatoes, reduce it to pure 'add egg parmesan cheese salt and pepper, made ​​croquettes pass them in bread crumbs and fry in hot oil seeds.
Put the cream in a bowl of beans and place the potato croquette.

The pairings and recipes have been kindly provided by our Chef Massucco Gabriella School graduate in 1996 from the School of Hotel Barolo. He began his profession in restaurants in the area as the County and the center of Neive Priocca and I eLuna Guarene. Since June of 2008, the first chef at the family restaurant in the vineyards and Massucco cellar Vigne e i Falo Massucco. 

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