Is a red Italian wine grape variety grown predominantly in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. At one time the grape was thought to be related to the French wine grape Braquet, but recent thought among ampelographers is that the two are distinct varieties. In Italy’s region of Piedmont the grape is somewhat more widespread: production mostly falling within an area of the provinces of Asti andAlessandria between the rivers Bormida and Belbo plus various parts of the province of Cuneo.

Birbet  tend to produce light-bodied, highly aromatic wines with distinctive notes of strawberries.

The grapes ripen towards the half of September. The vinification provides for a short period of cold maceration of the grape must (36-48 hours). After the fermentation is stopped when the Birbet is still sweet by the refrigeration. The Birbet should be drunk young within two years to appreciate his potentiality. At sight it is rich of very fine froth and presents a red-ruby colour with garnet  reflections; at the olfaction it has an intensely perfume of fruits, with a typical and unmistakable bouquet; at the taste is sweet, delicate, well balanced by the acid fraction that gives back a pleasant wine. 

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Growing location : Castagnito -Roero


Grape variety : 100% Brachetto


Exposure : south – west


Altitude : 340mt.


Earthly : clayey sandy


Gradation : 5,5% alcool.


Sugar : 50 gr./lt.


Internal bottle pressare : 0,4/0,6 bar



Ruby red; fragrant, lively.

Aromatic nose 

Delicate taste.

           Service temperature:                              6 – 8° C 

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This glass, called flûte, has a narrow and tall body in order to encourage the development of perlage in sparkling wines. Its length makes it suitable for dry sparkling wines generally characterized by a less refined perlage with coarser bubbles. The very narrow diameter favor a slow development and continuous carbon dioxide as well as allowing a good concentration of delicate aromas towards the nose.

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We recommend this wine with: Dessert

In combination with with: Cakes, Cream, Confectionery, Ice Cream, Chocolate



250 ml of milk 

2 egg yolks and 1 whole egg

100 gr crushed amaretti 

75 grams of sugar 

Half berry Vanilia 

1 cup coffee

1 cup of rum

50 grams of cocoa 

Caramel x line the mold

200 gr whipped cream 

50 g hazelnut paste (or nutella) 

2 sheets of gelatin 

100g amaretti

In a container whisk Everything except:
the cream
The hazelnut paste
Pour the mixture into a mold with the caramel in the
Bake in a water bath at 150'C for 1 hour and let cool
We prepare the foam by dissolving in a water bath isinglass
Gently mix the glue of the grazing hazelnut paste and whipped cream
Turn the bunet and serve with hazelnut mousse.

The pairings and recipes have been kindly provided by our Chef Massucco Gabriella School graduate in 1996 from the School of Hotel Barolo. He began his profession in restaurants in the area as the County and the center of Neive Priocca and I eLuna Guarene. Since June of 2008, the first chef at the family restaurant in the vineyards and Massucco cellar Vigne e i Falo Massucco.

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