Dolcetto possesses thirteen Denominations in Piedmont and, among these, Dolcetto is the best known and also the most plentiful in terms of bottles produced per year.

Dolcetto possesses a youthful fragrance, with a ruby and violet colour and a fresh and fruity perfume. The flavour is completely dry, full and harmonious with a pleasant after- taste of bitter almonds.

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Growing location: Castagnito the Roero


Grape variety: Dolcetto 100%


Exposure: South east


Altitude: 360 mt.


Earthly: Clayey sandy


Gradation: 12.5% vol.


Acidità: 5,2 gr./l.


Aging: Steel


Tasting notes

violet-red game, an appealing flower bouquet of violets,

 raspberries and peaches, a smooth, dry wine with good body and balanced.

Servine temperature: 18-20°C. 

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This glass is fundamentally the same as that used for white wines structured and mature, in fact you can use the very same glass. This kind of wine, with tannins, when present, rather aggressive, must mainly stimulate the inner parts of the mouth and avoid, at least in the initial stage of introduction into the oral cavity, the contact with gum because the astringency would originate an unpleasing tactile sensation. The body of the glass must also be large in order to allow an adequate oxygenation and development of aromas.

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We recommend this wine with: Starter 
In conjunction with: Fish, shellfish, clams, pies, vegetables, white meat



4 discs of polenta prepared cold

4 slices of desalted cod 

2 onions

2 cloves of garlic 

1 brunch of parsley 

50 gr. drained tuna

Extra salt and pepper to taste 

200 ml of milk

Discs of polenta gratin with butter and parmesan
Prepare the sauce by frying the onion in julienne
The crushed garlic Parsley chopped tuna crumbled
Add milk
Cook for 15 minutes
If 'the case thicken the sauce with a little' flour and keep warm salt and pepper to taste Prepare the batter hitting the egg with flour and a little 'salt and sparkling water ..must have the right consistency, must veil spoon

The pairings and recipes have been kindly provided by our Chef Massucco Gabriella School graduate in 1996 from the School of Hotel Barolo. He began his profession in restaurants in the area as the County and the center of Neive Priocca and I eLuna Guarene. Since June of 2008, the first chef at the family restaurant in the vineyards and Massucco cellar Vigne e i Falo Massucco.

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