MASSUCCO TERRAMORE KIT : Wellness wine, body care

After 8-10 months in oak barrels, the wine is racked and bottled Terramore...… for beauty and taste


We all knows importance of taking care of the skin and the dream is to be young and healthy .

Now with Terramore you can a formula of the best of polyphenols from the red wine Terramore and the most up to date anti-aging product are used in harmony for Your beauty.

Cream “Terramore” for women Serum revitilazer cream 24 hour and men Aftershave Natural ingredient Natural plant oils and oat intensively hydrate and nourish dry skin

Red wine reduces the number depth and length of even the deepest wrinkles Natural oils and E vitamins firm the skin and protect from free radicals improve its texture and


This creamy serum revitalizer tones the skin and provides anti-ageing and senses of well-being Innovation: Mixing red wine (Terramore wine) polyphenols with active natural oils and Botox like ingredients’ for antioxidant and anti-ageing action of the product. Excludes synthetic ingredients that may pose harmful effects to your health and the environment.

Apply daily to a clean face and neck with gentle, circular motions and the area around the eyes its necessary to be careful and in small quantity.

Free of : Parabens, Silicone, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Ethanolamine and Phthalates. Atb For external use only. Entire supply chain of production and products used are "Made in Italy"


Descrizione immagine
Descrizione immagine
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mulsion face moisturizer,
nutritious, antin-age
Ideal complement to the
maintenance of a face
perfectly young bright.
- Does not contain parabens
- Contains no alcohol
- Does not contain mineral oil
- Contains organic
compounds Shea butter
organic /Organic sunflower
- E 'particularly effective.


Mother of wine Terramore filtered containin compounds anthocyanins and polyphenols vine natural substances a high antioxidant power and anti-radical, protect
the epidermis with a strong
effect Anti-aging skin.
Not only the active ingredients
This product is the result of
a serious and thorough study
also the structure of the product
the same makes it special and
- Does not contain parabens
- Contains no alcohol
- Does not contain mineral oil
- Contains organic compounds
   Shea butter organic /   Organic     sunflower oil
- Extract Hamamelis strong
   astringent ideal after  shaving to normalize   pores after the action of the razor.


Scented body lotion moisturizer
ideal as velor shower and as
nourishing cream body containing
numerous and innovative
functional ingredients.
All have been selected for
specific treatment epidermis
female body and dècolleté.-
- Does not contain parabens
- Contains no alcohol
- Does not contain mineral oil
- Contains organic compounds
   Shea butter organic /
   Organic sunflower oil
- E 'particularly effective.


Vitigno: 95% Nebbiolo, 5% Corvina Veronese


Area Produzione: Castagnito, Roero, Valpolicella


Altitudine : 330 mt.


Exposizione : Sud-est


Terra : Sabbiosa


 Zucchero 18 gr. / lt.


Acidità : 7,3 gr. / lt.

Lavorazione: Pigia-diraspatura, fermentazione in vinificatori orizzontali,batonnage in vascha di acciaio.

Maturazione: Vasche di acciaio

Affinamento: In barrique per circa 12 mesi.


Gradazione : 14% vol.


Deep red, tending to carnet over time; soft, delicate nose conjuring up violet and spices; well-balanced taste.

  Serving temperature:                 20°-22° C             

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Descrizione immagine

This glass is fundamentally the same as that used for white wines structured and mature, in fact you can use the very same glass. This kind of wine, with tannins, when present, rather aggressive, must mainly stimulate the inner parts of the mouth and avoid, at least in the initial stage of introduction into the oral cavity, the contact with gum because the astringency would originate an unpleasing tactile sensation. The body of the glass must also be large in order to allow an adequate oxygenation and development of aromas.

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TERRAMORE GIFT KIT included 1 750ml Massucco Terramore + 1 face cream (woman) + 1 After Shave (men) +1 body woman balm all in fashion gift box

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