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The project stems from the story of a quirky customer who fell in love wine Massucco, he wanted to take home even the barrel that contained it. This story was the inspiration for making the barrel furniture to propose a truly customer as an object that completes the experience of the wine. The idea of ​​drinking a wine sit among the oak planks that have matured, led the research project to interpret the barrel as a "cradle" in which leave the body and leave room only to our senses.

Unlike many design experiences made ​​on the barrels, this chair has tried to preserve the original integrity of the barrel instead of disassembling the individual axes. It's the same barrel, in fact, that determines the lines and the ergonomics of the seat, then completed by a careful upholstery.

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With the barrel (small French barrels of 350 lt.) In which the wine is matured terramore you create a tool for tasting and meditation to open your mind and your body in every way ... the scent to taste to the touch, to get you excited.
The project Terramore: Love Nature focuses on ecology, environment and recycling. In fact, by purchasing the entire cask you not are wasted because in addition to wine present in barrique, are obtained with the must and the creams with the barrique the chair that contained the wine Terramore for the entire period of the fermentation. Massucco: LOVE NATURE

"Druetta, upholsterers in textiles and mattresses" was born in Moretta (CN) in 1955, by the activity of Druetta Matthew, a young craftsman trained in the famous studio in Saluzzo Bertoni in the first years after the war. Increasingly rooted in the territory, the workshop form Antonello Druetta, son of Matthew, which refines the technique by introducing new processes and areas of upholstery. In 2013, sixty years after the birth of the workshop, the third generation Druetta faces, extending the powers of Antonello craft project with those of his son Gabriel, architect.

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