Innovation has always been the ambition of the Massucco Company


For years Massucco has been  working  thanks to his experience of generations, to create new wines to offer to the world market


Today all over the world wine producers are in competition with each other with same labels and often makes the difference is the price and therefore the margin at the expense of quality.


Massucco to differentiate themselves, as well as offering the classic wines of high quality, innovation is working on two fronts:


• The first: From the historic vineyards as Barbera and Arneis and in the future on other wines, combined with research into new methods of vinification and maturation of the grapes, he created new wines that express new scents and new tastes, enhancing the potential of the varieties classic Roero.

A new method invented by Massucco where a first early harvest in the same vineyard, vinified in steel  and a second collection after 30-40 days in the same vineyard, vinified in new oak barrels.

The two collections are different expression, the first acidic with aromas and flavors of green fruits, the second very sweet, with aromas and flavors of stewed fruit, exotic. Together they create a unique balance.

How Arneis to l'Alba and the Barbera for Il Tramonto, an example of how you can develop the knowledge  with new methodologies.

• The second: The search for new blend, with Nebbiolo d'Alba wines of the highest quality and other wines of different areas of Italy, which exalt the characteristics of their wines, creating  unique wines such as Nebbiolo and Corvina

Nebbiolo: Earth prestigious and rich in traditional values.

Corvina: Land of love and passion.

Corvina is more colorful and spicy, the more tannic Nebbiolo, together give rise to an emotion, a harmony that warms the heart.

A great wine for meditation, for those who enjoy its fruits. 


Click on image to show the technical datasheet

Click on image to show the technical datasheet

Click on image to show the technical datasheet

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