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For four generations, the Massucco family has been working directly with all aspects of their wine, cultivation and production. 

It is an extremely respected family tradition.Since the founding of Massucco Wines, their dedication to obtaining the finest quality grape has been their consistent unwavering standard. Massucco grapes are harvested by hand on twenty hectares of their own property. There are no OGM products used and all products are recyclable.

The pristine hills of Langhe and Roero where the Massucco’s vineyards are located,have officially been included as a UNESCO world heritage asset. This recognition signifies how luxuriant this land truly is. The same land that produces some of the finest wines in Italy by Massucco.

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Expertise from experience

Massucco Azienda Agricola , the family’s company, knows the secret in evaluating the unique characteristics of each denomination of grape. This is based on the climate and soil, or Terroir, where the grapes are cultivated.

With this knowledge and dedication, Massucco produces red, white, and sparkling wines along with a special line of Grand Cru red wine, from very select grapes. This is achieved by using two separate processes for the selection of the best grapes inthe vineyard, and a devotion to meticulous, discerning work at the winery.Massucco uses over a century of expertise to produce the highest quality wine,within an excellent price range.


Superior qualityFrom 1900 to the present, the Massucco family has been producing fine wines that have continued to surpass each previous year in superior taste, balance, aroma and harmony.

Massucco wines have been recognized as among the best Italian wines forquality and price ratio. This is the result of the integration of new production methods, always with the traditional element, coupled with modern technological advancements.The uniqueness of the territory of Langhe and Roero within the Piedmont region cultivates the growth of the grape so that it results in a wine of distinctive flavor.The wines, 60% red and 40% white, are offered under the labels of Massucco and Cascina Serra.

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RED WINES: From the classic Roero Barolo and Barbaresco, to the unique flavor ofthe Barbera and the Nebbiolo, and the appreciation for the Dolcetto, Massucco has accomplished incomparable flavor.

WHITE WINES: From the Roero Arneis DOCG, Langhe Favorita DOC to sparkling Dry Brut (charmat Metod) and sweet classic Moscato d'Asti (white).

SPARKLING WINES: With high quality bouquet, balance and modern taste, these Cascina Serra  wines achieve the peak of flavor.

CRU WINES. From the best quality grapes of our select vineyards, specialdenominations of red wines are produced for Cru. In the production in the winery,the wine obtains maturity through carefully supervised procedures to enhance theintensity value of the perfumed aroma and exquisite taste.


What do the Massucco wines represent? 

The warmth and caring attention one would give to family. Also a dedication to the highest quality of wine with asynergistic and loving connection to the abundant vineyard regions of Langhe and Roero in the Piedmont area.

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New dimension of taste

Azienda Massucco is reknown for its well-balanced, elegantly flavorful, and traditional Piedmont wines. It has taken years of planning and development to perfect new methods and technology to produce our new harmonious flavors, and at the same time, we have preserved the authentic character of the Piedmont wine. We are now expanding our wine distribution and market to position Massucco in the forefront of unique new flavors. Our new wines combine the best of old and new flavors and appeal to our new generation of wine consumers as well as our traditional consumers.

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