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The Green Experience is based on and fed by love and respect for the land, the hills and the vineyards. For this very reason, our secret dream is the spreading like wildfire of The Green Experience – not just one vineyard here and one over there, but entire hills following one of the two guidelines that we propose.

This is the future of The Green Experience: the creation of districts containing vineyards within them, with continuity, that comply with either of the guidelines. This is the path that we have traced for the time to come, no doubt it would be a turning point able to improve the future of the landscape and winegrowing in Piedmont.

Discover the Piedmont network of producers who practice a green, reconsidered and sustainable viticulture.

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10 rules

  1. Eco-friendly and sustainable viticulture and productions

  2. Protection of biodiversity and of the natural environment

  3. Aesthetic protection of the natural and anthropic landscape

  4. Priorities to agronomic solutions and respect for the soil

  5. Elimination of chemical weeding in vine-rows

  6. Sowing of herbal and floral essences in the vineyard

  7. Dissemination of useful pollinating insects

  8. Location of nests for birds functional to cultivation

  9. Respect and honesty towards consumers

  10. Traceability of controls and external certification


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Wine World

 Innovation has always been the ambition of the Massucco Company. 

For years Massucco has been  working  thanks to his experience of generations, to create new wines to offer to the world market.

Today all over the world wine producers are in competition with each other with same labels and often makes the difference is the price and therefore the margin at the expense of quality.

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